This slightly larger version of an earlier popular design is now made from clear frost acrylic, on a solid base of English Oak.


It has strong styling references to Japanese Pagodas - in that they both have a "tower structure of multiple leaves".


The Light source concealed in the oak base is able to shine up through the tower and illuminate the many acrylic leaves  - in turn giving off a soft subtle radiant warm light.

Japanese Pagoda

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  • The English Oak used to make the bases for these lamps is well over 50 years old, and has an interesting character to the wood grain typical of this particular wood.


    The acrylic vanes are spaced evenly apart using special white nylon spacers held in place on four long treaded rods tapped into the oak base. Everything is held securely together by four stainless domed nuts at the top.


    Replacement of the bulb is acheived by removing the access disk* on the underside of tha base (* as shown in the photograph of the base). MR16 bulbs have a claimed life expectancy of over 15,000 hours!


    Dimensions  420 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm