With an outer case made from Iroko hardwood, this clock has an unusual design combing engraved details in black with small cutouts that allow the backgroud wood to be seen .The clock hands are fully protected by a clear acrylic glass secured by 12 small stainless screws. The quartz clock movement requires a AA battery and should keep excellent time to within a few seconds a year.



Iroko Clock (W#05)

SKU: C06
  • This clock case is made from Iroko - a hardwood that is often referred to as African teak, from the west coast of tropical Africa. We use either recycled Iroko, or material we have been fortunate to source from a supplier here in South Lakeland. 

    The wood cases are initially machined in our workshop, using a CNC router machine, before various stages of sanding and drilling prior to being given a final finish of wax based oils.

    The outer bezel and face are laser engraved and cut using our CNC laser machine. Paint is then applied by hand to the engraved areas and once dried are sanded with progressively finer abrasives to achieve the lovely smooth matt finish.


    Dimensions  165 mm x 140 mm x 45 mm