Frequently asked questions

Do the lamps run on batteries

All lamps produced by The Light Engineering Company use 12 volt "warm light" LED's. They are supplied with a plug in UK 220/240v power adapter - with an output of 12 volts. This makes them very safe to use, and very efficient. An inline switch and extension lead are also included and simply plug together as required.

Is it possible to change the light LED light?

Yes. The lamps used are now easily available from a variety of sources and are not particularly expensive. MR16 and MR11 12volt LED lights are stated to last in excess of 15,000 hours - so it should be a long time before a replacement is necessary. Caution - ONLY 12 volt LED lamps should be used. On no account use halogen bulbs - they may look similar but they are too hot to use in our designs.

Are the lamps made from glass? What are they made from?

Instead of glass, we use clear frost and white polar frost acrylic plastic. The clear Lighthouse is the only lamp using clear acrylic plastic. Acrylic (sometimes better known by ICI's trade name of Persex, is a thermoplastic, which makes it ideal for precision laser cutting, and for shaping and bending when required.

What happens if I break my lamp?

Hopefully that will never happen, but should there be an accident all is not lost. All lamps have been designed so that they can be repaired or components replaced. Please get in touch so that we can discuss how a full repair can best be completed for you and basic cost.